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Systems Design & Engineering

With our Engineering Department, we can take a project from concept to construction including fieldwork, design and permitting. By being a bonded company we can obtain municipal permits, utility permits, DOT permits and railroad permits We design a wide range of projects including; fiber, cable TV as-builts, new build, rebuild, wide area networks and campus networks. Our staff can produce construction drawings utilizing Microstation and AutoCAD with state of the art equipment. Our engineering personnel are experienced and take pride in designing projects that are both cost effective and easy to maintain.


All maps will be compiled using etak maps or utility prints (when available). On each map the following will be correctly labeled: all roads, state, county or city, rivers, creeks, and railroads.


All mapping, aerial or underground will be completed using standard symbols for poles and underground pedestals. All footages will be measured via measuring wheel. All roads and street names will be verified. For as-builts the following will be verified: footages, pole types, storage loops, splice points, maintenance items, actives, passives, cable size, power supplies, house counts, commercial counts, addresses and pole numbers.


All drafting will be performed using standard symbols for strand and as-built information. Maps will be created at one inch to two hundred feet (1" to 2OO') scale. Each map will be plotted at 11" x 17" with a completed data block attached.


We will complete your fiber design/RF design project, whether it is new build, rebuild or an individual project with Microstation. The design of each project will be coordinated with a representative from your company to complete the project to your company specifications. An efficient design will be created to include future plant extensions and to avoid costly redesign. Upon completion we will provide your company with a set of 11" x 17", and digital copies of the design maps, bill of material, fiber grids, and fiber routing maps with fiber counts and node locations.


Our experienced engineers can design your wide area network (WAN) or campus network to meet your project specifications. We can design a network connecting your project sites with a star or ring configuration. If digital copies of your sites are not available, we can digitize your buildings and grounds to provide you with a detailed routing of the network at each site. We will also provide a complete set of strand prints (11" x 17") and a map grid (24" x 36") that shows the fiber routing along with fiber counts and splice point locations.

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